Saturday, March 13, 2010

Ponta Negra

Bunkering Oil Tanker
  LN Ponta Negra
The ship is also a vehicle which floats on water and requires fuel for its operation. She has massive engines, which requires fuel to burn and produce power. The point to be noted is that the gasoline/fuel of your car or bike is stored in tank which is part of the vehicle. Similarly the fuel for ships is stored in tanks which form a part of the ship, called “Bunker Tanks”.

While the term used to describe the process of getting your vehicle filled with petrol or gasoline from a petrol bunk is known as refueling; a similar operation performed for filling fuel oil into the ship tanks from an outside source is known as bunkering.

Bunkers are mostly supplied onboard the ship through a bunker barge, which is a relatively small boat or ship supplying fuel or other types of oils to relatively bigger ships.
Flag:  Brazil
Type/class: Oil Tanker (bunker)
Operator: Navegação São Miguel Ltda. -
Lenght: 78,00m
Breadth: 11,70m
Draft: 4,20m

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